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When a sewer pipe fails it can cause a lot of stress for you as a home or business owner. Add to the stress of the sewer failure is the worry over the damage repairing the pipes will do to your wallet and the landscaping, property and surrounding area. Miranda Plumbing Services has a stress free solution for your pipe repair needs. We are highly trained in trenchless sewer repair which minimizes the damage to both your wallet and property. Gone are the days where a repair meant digging up your entire property to find and repair the elusive damage.

How Do You Decide What Needs To Be Repaired?

When we arrive at your home we will inspect your sewer lines using our highly specialized video inspection equipment. This equipment will be remotely moved through your pipes, allowing us to see exactly where your damage is.

What Happens When The Damage Is Detected?

Once we know where the damage is in your pipes and have assessed the severity of the damage we will present you with a quote that lists all of the options you have for repair or replacement. Once we agree on the plan of action, our technicians will go through with the repair or replacement. Because our equipment has been able to pinpoint the exact area of the damage, we will only excavate the area surrounding the pipe damage. We will repair the pipe using our repair tools, line the pipe with epoxy or cured resin or replace the pipe.

What Happens When The Pipe Is Damaged Beyond Repair?

In the event that your pipe is damaged beyond repair using our epoxy lining or cured in resin lining, we will employ one of two pipe replacement techniques. Pipe lining will slip a smaller diameter pipe into the existing pipe; this technique will reduce the diameter of the original pipe by a small percentage. When pipe lining is not an option, we will replace the pipe with a brand new pipe using pipe bursting. Pipe bursting uses a head that breaks apart and pushes aside the old pipe. Just behind the head, a new pipe will be pulled into place. Pipe bursting is also an option for when you need a larger diameter pipe in place to increase the efficiency of your sewer system.

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