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Sewer Pipe Lining Port St. Lucie Florida

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Sewer Pipe Lining Services

Is your toilet always clogging up? Has the plumber recommend replacing the entire sewer line? Frustrated? Searching online for cheap or better solutions?

Look no further.

Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers sewer pipe lining as an affordable, less taxing way of repairing sewer pipes. Sewer pipe lining goes away with the need to excavate and later restore the original landscape. When given the option, most customers opt for trenchless pipe repairs.

Sewer Pipe Lining Techniques

The latest methods of pipe repair rely on trenchless techniques. These are:

Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP)
In this method, the plumber inserts a non-woven felt tube into the damaged sewer pipe. CIPP creates a new pipe within the old pipe. The plumber adds a Epoxy resin liner into the old pipe that hardens and sets inside the old pipe.

Pull-In-Place Pipe (PIPP)
Quite similar to the CIPP method, PIPP pulls a resin and fiber lining through a bladder pipe.

Pipe Bursting
Pipe Bursting involves bursting the old, damaged pipe and immediately replacing it with a new one.

In all techniques, plumbers first perform a sewer camera inspection of the entire pipe. This helps determine the problem and solve it accordingly.

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Why Sewer Pipe Lining?

In the next few years, sewer pipe lining will completely replace the outdated traditional sewer repair methods. This is because sewer pipe lining is:

Less expensive
It may seem costly at initial comparison. But when you add the cost of excavating and restoring landscaping or driveways, sewer pipe lining is definitely the cheaper option.

Less Intrusive
Plumbers don’t need to dig up the entire kitchen or the washroom. They may only need the nearest manhole to complete the entire repair process. Life inside the home remains more or less the same.

Less Time Consuming
The entire sewer pipe can be repaired in less than 5 hours. No more counting days for the plumbers to finish their job.

Better than Traditional Pipes
The Epoxy pipe lining in the trenchless method is much smoother as compared to traditional concrete, iron or clay pipes. This means a better and improved water flow.

Environmentally Safe
By not excavating, all that waste, fumes and dirt stay underground. So we spare you from toxic gases, and dangerous bacteria. Not to mention we don’t need to destroy yard or even remove trees just to reach a pipe.

Pipe Lining comes with a 50 years life-time guarantee and is likely to need no repair for 100 years.

Sewer Pipe Lining is best done when the sewer pipes are still in a salvageable position. They aren’t at the brink of extinction and can probably withstand a few more years. With sewer pipe lining, homeowners can add more than 50 years of life to the old pipes. Plumbing companies won’t recommend sewer pipe lining when the original pipes are badly corroded or destroyed.

If you need to repair your damaged sewer pipe the easier way in Port St. Lucie Florida, then call Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning at (877) 256-5827

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Plumbing & Air Conditioning Services

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