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Drain Inspection Port St. Lucie

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Drain Inspection Services

The plumbing is not working. Water is not draining, and your appliances are full of dirty water. When water decides to flow up instead of out, it is a sign your drains need inspecting. Drain inspection is a critical process that most properties will need to undergo. Understanding why pipes get clogged and how to find a drain inspection servicer is important research for any home owner.

Why Your Pipes Are Dirty

To start, having dirty pipes does not mean you did something wrong. Plumbing is a fickle invention and like everything else in your home, it doesn’t last forever. Every day common uses put strain on the pipes. Everything from showering, to brushing your teeth, even washing the dishes will eventually create clogs.

A Look Inside Your Drains

Every piece of dirt, hair, and food is flushed down the drain. Passing through the initial gateway, the pipe narrows. Dirt slides along the interior of the plumbing. Only the viscosity of the water is there to pull any food particles down.

Think about the amount of hair and organic material you flush down your drains. Only the power of water and gravity are working to make sure everything sent down the drain, stays down the drain.

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A few stray hairs may stick to the inside of a pipe. These hairs slowly pull in other hairs, forming a ball. This ball of hair becomes flushed down the drain into an opening of another drain. Here, the kitchen sink and the shower drain meet. Where they meet, the hairball becomes stuck. Food and grease becomes entangled and a clog begins to form.

The clog eventually becomes large enough to begin slowing down the rate of draining. With slower water inside the pipe, more food particles and waste become stuck. Soon, your drains are not running at all. Both your bathroom and kitchen drains are backed up.

It is this type of scenario that will haunt your days. If you let your pipes go too long without an inspection, serious problems can occur.

Drain Inspection

Having a drain inspection is the safest option to preventing plumbing catastrophes. Licensed plumbers have the tools and the training required to spot and fix any plumbing problems.

Many companies use cameras to spot clogs first hand. A small, telescopic lense is affixed to a coiled wire. This wire is strung through your pipes, relaying color video images onto a laptop for the plumber to see. Respectable companies will even let you see what they do.

A successful pipe inspection will compile video of all your plumbing. Any leaks, blockages or damages will be spotted. Having an inspection done can save you time and money. Fixing small problems before they compound is always the best option.

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Trust Local Business

Living in Port St. Lucie, it is always a smart decision to use a local plumbing company. Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning offer a professional pipe inspection service. Their licensed plumbers will make short work out of any problem.

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Owner Don Miranda started Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning with the vision of running a hometown, client focused company since 1981!

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We service across the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches and is ever-expanding its reach.

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In our Brand Promise, we guarantee an on-time arrival. We know you've got better things to do than wait around for us to show up. If we're even one minute late, your service fee is 100% free.

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Plumbing & Air Conditioning Services

Reach Out To A Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning Support Technician

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