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Backflow Preventer Repair Port St. Lucie

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Backwater-Backflow Preventer System South Florida

Owning a home in Florida means you need to have 24/7/365 access to backflow professionals in Florida. And that means having instant access to Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

A backflow preventer plays a vital role of keeping the water in your system from flowing back into the public water supply. When your backflow preventer is not working properly, you can potentially contaminate the Florida water supply meant for consumption. To prevent this from happening, Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning provides certified backflow testing, backflow preventer repair, and backflow certification to customers in Florida’s Treasure Coast & the Palm Beaches. Our prompt, professional and affordable backflow preventer repair services help keep our public water supply clean and healthy.

Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning’s prompt service and experience ensure the backflow certification requirements and backflow codes set by these municipalities are met.

There are several devices used to prevent backflow and to ensure that water only travels in the correct direction:

  • Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer – This device prevents backflow by controlling the water pressure and directing the flow.
  • Non-Return Valve – When properly fitted, this valve forces water to travel in the correct direction.

The plumbers at Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning have an in depth understanding of each of these devices, which enables us to provide reliable backflow preventer repairs.

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What is Backflow?

Backwater or Backflow is the unwanted reversal in the flow of water from a real or possible source of contamination or pollution back to the clean public water supply.

There are 2 types of backflow:

Back Pressure: Occurs when the user system is at a higher pressure than the supply water systems allowing undesirable substances to be “pushed” back into the potable water system.

Back Siphonage: Occurs when negative or reduced pressure exists in the supply piping allowing undesirable substances to be “drawn” into the potable water supply.

How Can FL Backflow Be Avoided?

  • Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer. A reduced pressure backwater-backflow preventer system is used to protect Florida water supplies from contamination by controlling the pressure and directing the water flow.
  • Non-Return Valve. A non-return valve when properly fitted ensures water flows through a pipe in the correct direction, where pressure conditions may otherwise cause reversed flow.

Why Do FL Backwater-Backflow Preventer Systems Have To Be Tested?

Florida mechanical Backwater-Backflow Preventers , just like many plumbing systems, have an internal seal, springs and many moving parts. Like any tool of this nature, fouling, wearing out and breaks are possible.

Not only are these systems subject to damage but they can also be bypassed. This is why it is necessary to ensure they are functioning properly. Sometimes a visual check will do, but all mechanical backflow prevention systems in Florida have to be tested with specialized, properly calibrated equipment. Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning has the backflow testing equipment and backflow prevention expertise to handle your Florida backflow issues.

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Why Choose Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning?

Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a family owned business serving Florida’s Treasure Coast & the Palm Beaches since 1981. We take pride in offering integrity, excellence and responsive “Red Carpet Service” to each and every customer. When you choose us for your backflow preventer repairs, you can be sure that your repair is in the capable hands of a licensed professional, and that all work will be completed to your satisfaction.

Why Choose Miranda?

Local Business

Owner Don Miranda started Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning with the vision of running a hometown, client focused company since 1981!

Vast Service Area

We service across the Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches and is ever-expanding its reach.

On Time. Every Time.

In our Brand Promise, we guarantee an on-time arrival. We know you've got better things to do than wait around for us to show up. If we're even one minute late, your service fee is 100% free.

7 Days a Week

Our call center is open 7 days a week to schedule and dispatch technicians to your home or business. Not everything can wait until Monday –give us a call, and we'll answer with a smile.

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