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Drain Inspection for Leaks

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Drain Inspection for Leaks

Unattended sewer leaks are not only a health hazard, but can also damage your property by causing water damage and mold growth. Eventually, even a small leak could undermine your entire drainage system – especially if you live in an older home.

However, leaks within your plumbing can be difficult to detect and diagnose on your own, and you could have a problem without even knowing it. That’s why getting preventive maintenance such as regular drain inspections is such a smart idea. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how to tell you might have a leak in your line, and what you can do to be proactive about getting it fixed.

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Common Warning Signs of a Sewer Leak

Indoor plumbing is a true marvel of modern life. Unfortunately, your sewer system doesn’t come equipped with alarm bells that alert you when something goes wrong in your pipes. However, that doesn’t mean there are no symptoms when your pipe develops a leak. If you’re noticing one or more of the following red flags, you should pay attention, then call Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning for support.

  1. Strange Sounds If you can hear the telltale sound of constantly running water, it means you have a problem somewhere in the sewer line. Make sure you have fully shut off all faucets, and check your toilet. If you still hear dripping or trickling in the walls or ceiling, a leaky sewer pipe could be causing water to flow continuously through your plumbing system. In addition, if you hear gurgling noises coming from your drains, that sound indicates air is getting trapped somewhere in your sewer line, which is often one of the first signs of a leak.

  2. Soggy Floors Your plumbing network carries water throughout your house and channels it out to the main sewer line. If a leak somewhere is causing water to seep out around the joints that connect your pipes, you’ll notice floors that feel spongy or moist underfoot – surefire signs of pipe leakage.

  3. Noxious Odors Noticeable smells in and around your home are often the result of mold and mildew that have begun to thriving in damp spots that resulted from a sewer leak. If you notice mold growth in your house, accompanied by sewer odors, you likely have a break somewhere in your sewage drain pipes. Leaky sewer lines also create an ideal environment for bacteria to enter the home around indoor drains, which leads to an unhygienic home. If leaky pipes are draining wastewater out into your yard, you might notice a sewage smell outside your house as well.

  4. Cracking Foundation Dripping sewer lines can cause the ground around your home to shift, undermining the stability of your home’s foundation. As water pools in areas around leaks, it saturates soil and compromises your foundation’s structural integrity by causing cracks to form. You may eventually also end up with a sinkhole in your yard. Sewer leaks under concrete sidewalks, driveways, and patios often cause them to buckle, which leads to an even more costly repair process.

  5. Lush Patches in Lawn While every homeowner wants a healthy lawn, if one part of your yard looks much greener than the rest, you may have a sewage leak underfoot. When an underground sewer pipe fails, it often causes moisture to seep out into the surrounding landscape, initially causing unchecked growth because of the nutrients sewage provides. However, eventually, the unhealthy bacteria in wastewater could poison your grass.

  6. Rats Leaky sewage odors attract rats, and their highly developed sense of smell could cause them to congregate before you ever become aware of a problem. If you are discovering rodents flocking to your backyard, their sudden appearance is often a warning sign that your sewer pipes are leaking. Rats are also responsible for the spread of many human illnesses, so if you have a rat infestation due to a sewer line leak, you need to get it taken care of right away.

  7. Slow or Backed-Up Drains If you find the drains in your home keep getting clogged, it could be a symptom of a leaking or broken sewer line. Especially if you find your best efforts to clear the drain aren’t working, calling in a plumbing professional to assess the situation is a smart idea.

  8. A Higher-Than Average Water Bill An unforeseen hike in your monthly water bill could be a sign that you’re letting money go down the drain in the form of a sewage leak. A tiny drip may only seem like a minor nuisance, but the costs of constantly running water will quickly add up and cause your utility bill to be pricier than usual. To check if you have a leak somewhere, shut off all water sources to your home, then check your water meter. If you see it’s still running after you shut off the water, you know you have a leak.

What to Do If Your Pipes Are Leaking

DIY culture has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, fueled by the abundance of advice on the Internet and people who post how-to videos online. While it’s easy to find “expert” information about pretty much any topic these days, this well-meaning advice can often do more harm than good – especially with plumbing repairs, where it can be very easy to get in over your head if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

Even if you consider yourself to be relatively handy around the home, merely watching a few homemade videos about fixing a plumbing leak doesn’t qualify you to attempt the repair yourself. These types of tutorials are not a substitute for the extensive training, specialized equipment, and work experience a professional plumber has, and you could cause more damage to your pipes by using the incorrect technique. When you suspect a leak, your first course of action should be to call South Florida’s expert drain inspection team at Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning and let us handle the problem for you.

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We Provide Minimally Invasive Florida Leak Detection

If you have leaky pipes, you may be worried that the only way to find them is to dig them up and inspect them manually to find the source of the problem. However, while that may have been true in the past, that is no longer the case today. Rapid advances in technology have helped propel the modern plumbing industry to the forefront of minimally invasive repair solutions that save homeowners both money and time.

Miranda’s high-tech video inspection equipment allows our technicians to efficiently check your pipes for any breaks or holes. We can locate any hidden leaks with pinpoint accuracy – all without any digging, property damage, or hassle, which our customers especially appreciate.

When you call us for a video drain inspection, here’s what you can expect:

  • Our technician will insert a small, waterproof camera that is attached to a highly flexible fiber-optic cable into your pipe. This camera can fit into pipes as narrow as two inches in diameter, and can even work its way around sharp corners or areas of your pipe that are difficult to access.
  • As they maneuver the camera throughout your sewer system, they will be able to see a stream of real-time video footage on their monitor, which allows them to take note of any leaks or other problems in your pipeline. You’ll be able to review the footage with your technician, who will provide a detailed explanation of what you are seeing on the screen.
  • At the conclusion of the video inspection, you and your technician will sit down together to talk through all the problems the inspection uncovered, and your service professional will explain a common-sense approach to fixing the problems in the most efficient way for you. Knowing exactly what is happening in your drainage system will allow you to make the most informed decision about how to proceed with the repair process.

What Will We Find During Your Drain Inspection?

At Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning, our video sewer camera inspections are the most thorough way to identify leaks and other problems that could be preventing your sewer system from functioning at peak capacity.

With video inspection, we can quickly and easily identify issues such as:

  • Leaks, breaks and cracks in pipes
  • Corrosion of pipe materials
  • Clogs from debris, mineral buildup or any other type of obstruction
  • Offset pipes
  • Tree root intrusion

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspections

There are many advantages to video camera inspections, such as:

  • Cameras can access places humans can’t. Because the video plumbing cameras we use are attached to highly flexible tubes, they can navigate corners or bends without any problem. We can even use our video cameras to inspect sections of your pipe that are underneath the cement slab of your home.
  • Video footage eliminates speculation. In the past, the process of finding leaks was often largely a guessing game. However, with our high-tech equipment, there’s no need to make an educated guess about what is happening underground. Video camera sewer inspections allow your Florida pipe technician to create a detailed map of your sewer system, noting every flaw. That allows us to help resolve your issues as quickly and affordably as possible.
  • Video cameras are a preventive measure. Many plumbing systems have minor hidden problems that are just a few months away from developing into full-blown plumbing emergencies. When you order a sewer inspection, Miranda’s trained technicians will not only be able to diagnose current problems – they will also be able to identify issues with the potential for developing into large-scale headaches in the future. You will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you have acted proactively to protect your home from damage.
  • Video cameras can help find other important items. Have you accidentally dropped your wedding ring or a favorite pair of earrings down the drain? With a video inspection, we might be able to help you find these beloved possessions before they wash away into the sewer system. Video cameras have also been successful in rescuing small animals that have accidentally wandered into pipes and become stuck there.
  • Inspections are smart for future homebuyers, too. If you’re thinking about closing on a home, don’t sign on the dotted line without getting a video sewer inspection. Nothing is worse than moving into a new house and then discovering the need for significant repairs a little while down the road. With a video inspection, you’ll know exactly what is going on with the condition of the pipes in any house you are considering buying, and have the knowledge to act accordingly.

Effective Leak Detection From Skilled Service Providers

Unlike other leak detection companies who automatically drill or dig to identify problems, Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning has invested in the technology to provide you with the most advanced sewer inspections available in South Florida today.

At Miranda, our leak detection specialists have extensive training and experience working with all types and conditions of pipes across the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach area. When you need fast, friendly and affordable leak detection with minimal hassle, there’s only one name you need to know. All our plumbing repair technicians are not only certified and fully licensed plumbing, but they have also undergone thorough drug testing, screening and ongoing training that ensures they are the best in the business.

When you count on Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning to provide your leak detection and plumbing repair services, you can rest assured you’ll get the best we have to offer. Since 1981, we have brought our hometown, client-focused approach to all our clients, and we believe in exceeding expectations. We know plumbing repairs can be stressful, which is why we’ve committed to providing the fastest and friendliest approach with up-front, honest pricing and an on-time guarantee. Call us anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know plumbing emergencies don’t wait until a time that’s convenient for you, which is why we never close.

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