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Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection & Repair

Miranda Leak Detection Services will detect the leaks in your home or office and repair them quickly.

  • • Our highly trained technicians use the latest industry detection equipment to pinpoint your leaks.
  • • Miranda can repair leaks with traditional methods, or with our ‘No Dig’ Trenchless pipe lining solutions to minimize any digging.
  • • This provides a fast and much more reliable repair without tearing up your property or floor with trenches.

Methods of Leak Detection

  • Infrared Leak Detection
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Video Inspection
  • Smoke Detection

Types of Leak Detection

  • Slab Leak Detection
  • Water Pipe Leak Detection
  • Sewer Leak Detection
  • Sprinkler System Leak Detection
  • Water Main Leak Detection
  • Fire Suppression System Leak Detection
  • Gas Line Leak Detection
  • Cooling Tower Leak Detection

What to Expect From My Leak Detection Appointment with Miranda

1. Our technicians will arrive and explain all of the methods that we anticipate using to find your leak.

2. Wearing protective foot covers to make sure your home stays clean, they will inspect to locate the leak and determine how severe it is.

3. We also use as little digging and property disturbance as possible. If a wall or floor needs to be opened for further investigation the technician will explain why and ask you for your consent to proceed.

4. We will then go over all of the options for repair or replacement and can discuss what payment options and terms are available.

5. Depending on the severity of your problem and the age and condition of your pipes, we may offer the option of pipe lining services to extend the life of your pipes. Miranda has their own equipment to do various methods of pipe lining. This allows us to offer competitive pipe lining charges compared to plumbing companies that contract that work out to another company.

6. Beware of plumbers that want to dig trenches through your rooms or yard and manually replace pipes. This is very expensive, very destructive, and rarely needed anymore due to advancements in plumbing industry. Still some plumbers who can’t do these new methods, or can’t afford the equipment will do their best to convince you that digging trenches is the only way. It most definitely is not. Call us for our recommendation and quote. Pipe Lining has become a very popular repair alternative due to how fast, affordable, and strong it is. Best of all pipe lining is done without having to dig trenches through your house or yard.

7. The technician will discuss the repair options, their total cost, and what he recommends and why. With your permission he will complete the repair.

8. The technician will clean up any mess and your leak problems will be over!

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