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How can I contact Miranda for service?

Miranda operates from 8am-5pm , Monday through Friday, but we also have 24 hour emergency plumbing technicians on-call. If you have a plumbing emergency, or a plumbing question, we are available to speak with you at any time.

To schedule or request services by Miranda, visit this page, or just call us by phone. Our phone number is listed on our contact page on our website. Our technicians will listen to your concerns carefully when you call, and arrive promptly to help solve the problem.

What are common signs of a clogged pipe?

A clogged pipe issue can appear to be a simple fix, but there many different factors that can cause pipe blockage. Clogged pipes are most commonly caused by misuse, tree root invasions, or pipe corrosion. Here are some common causes of pipe clogs, and how to detect them based on correlative oddities:

  • Watch your water bills carefully. If you are familiar with your average utility usage, it’s easier to recognize when they spike. If they are abnormally high, you could have an obstruction somewhere deep in your pipeline.
  • Note any water pressure changes in your water appliances. If a faucet or shower head is outputting water differently, an obstruction could be alterings the pressure of your line. You can also listen for changes in the sounds that your water appliances make.
  • If your shower drain gurgles when your toilet flushes, or if other drains gurgle in your home, this is a highly correlative symptom of a clogged pipe.
  • If drains take a long time to collect water, there is most likely an obstruction in that line.

What constitutes a plumbing emergency?

Miranda has 24-7 emergency plumbers on-call! Plumbing emergencies vary, but Miranda technicians have seen it all. Our technicians are trained to help evaluate the problem, and stop it where it starts. Here are a few examples of when plumbing problems become emergencies, and when you should absolutely call a technician:

  • The problem begins to cause expensive damage
  • The problem begins to leak toxins into the surrounding environment
  • An event must be cancelled due to appliance failure
  • Physical safety is jeopardized due to the problem
  • Water is flooding near electronic devices
  • Underground pipes have cracked or burst
  • Complete air conditioning, water heater, or heater failure
  • Discolored, odorous water in appliances

If you notice any of the above symptoms, don’t dismiss it lightly! Call a Miranda technician today to help diagnose and restore your home appliances.

How do I locate and shut off my main water line?

Shutting off your water line is a basic home-care skill to have on-hand for emergencies, and when you leave for vacations. Water line shut off valves differ in location, depending on the style of home that you own. If you do not know where your main water valve shut-off is, take some time to find it before the situation calls for it. If you are leaving home for the wintertime, always shut off your water line.

Here are a few steps to help you locate your main shutoff valve:

  • An indoor water shutoff valve could be located in a: closet, crawl space, basement, garage, or near large, water-based appliances.
  • An outdoor water shutoff valve could be mounted somewhere on the exterior of your home, or in a meter box close to a sidewalk.
  • When you locate your main water valve, turn it clockwise. You should be able to hear the water flow to your whole house cease.
  • After you shut off your main water line, it’s important to remember to turn on both handles of a faucet until the water completely drains. By doing this, you will release pressure from holding remaining water in the pipes.

Call a Miranda technician for help locating your main water line today! We are more than happy to talk or walk you through it.

What are trenchless services?

Trenchless services use a modern-day, no-dig plumbing method. Miranda’s approach to plumbing and AC repair maintains an effort to cause no disruptions, and to never dig. Trenchless services and trenchless tools have enabled plumbing repair to be cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and most importantly: more affordable. We are proud to offer our customers only the best repair and maintenance methods for both plumbing and air conditioning services. A few examples of trenchless service offerings include:

  • hydro jet drain cleaning
  • pipe replacement
  • pipe relining
  • video camera pipe inspections

A full, comprehensive list of all of our residential service offerings can be found here, but don’t hesitate to give us a call to ask questions.

Where can I find a list of Miranda’s current deals and discounts?

Plumbing mishaps are never planned–that’s why we keep ongoing deals and discounts readily available. Miranda offers free estimates for all new installations, and we readily update our discount offerings here. We offer affordable inspection rates, like $30 whole-house electrical safety inspections, to help ensure appliances are safe to use. Check out our coupons page for other home-specific savings, and if you have any questions, just give us a call.

What are the long-term benefits of regular air conditioner maintenance?

Regular air conditioner maintenance keeps the air in your home clean, but it can also help you save on annual utilities. Miranda offers a comprehensive 47-point tune-up to keep AC units running smoothly year round. Efficient air processing and clean filters go hand-in-hand, but our tune-up makes sure to cover more than one vital point for a healthy unit. To schedule a 47-point tuneup, call us by phone, or contact us by electronic service request.

What is the difference between a drain line and a sewer line?

When reading through services, it can sometimes appear that the words drain line and sewer line are used interchangeably. They are different components of your home, and it’s important to be able to distinguish them when requesting services.

Drain lines are located within your home, and are used to carry drained water from your water appliances to your sewer line. Your sewer line is the line that all drains filter into. The sewer line is used to collect all waste from your drain lines, and carry them away from your home. A comprehensive list of our drain and sewer services can be found here.

How can Miranda help reduce mineral spots and buildup from my home’s water?

Miranda can help reduce mineral spots and mineral buildup in your appliances with water testing services. We are available to help reduce or eliminate issues with mineral spots and buildup in your home appliances with the following service offerings:

  • Whole-house water testing
  • Whole house filtration installment
  • Small appliance filtration and repair

Calcium and magnesium are the main culprits of mineral buildup in small appliances. We can test your water for calcium, magnesium, or other minerals, and help determine a healthy ratio of minerals to correspond to your home’s needs. A water hardness testing for your home is beneficial to your water appliances, especially faucet heads and water heaters. For a full list of our water testing services and descriptions, visit this page.

How often should I flush my water heater tank?

A general rule of thumb for water heater tanks is to flush the tank as often as you would change your car’s oil. At minimum, flushing your tank once per year is recommended. Over time, mineral deposits can build up in the bottom of your tank, and become a fire hazard–or even worse– spike your utility bill! Mineral buildup within your tank alters the system’s delicate pressure, which most commonly leads to a hose or a pipe bursting inside of your home. Mineral deposits in your water tank are unhealthy for the system, and can greatly reduce the amount of hot water available for you to use.

Ask a Miranda technician about regular water heater services if it has been a while since you flushed your tank. We can also completely replace your system with a speedy tankless water heating system. For more information about water heater maintenance, repair, and replacement, call us using the information on our contact page.

What is a tree root invasion?

A tree root invasion is a common plumbing problem characterized by:

  • Frequent clogs in water channels
  • Sinkholes in the lawn
  • Water discoloration
  • Altered water pressure
  • Trees planted near main water lines

When a tree root invades your water system, it can snake deep within the line and alter water pressure. If untreated, it can eventually completely obstruct your pipes and appear as a clog. Tree roots will enter cracked or corroded pipes, and in order to properly diagnose the issue, trenchless video camera inspections are necessary. If you suspect your home to be suffering from a tree root invasion, give Miranda technicians a call using our contact page. We will arrive on-scene ready to inspect, treat, and restore your home.

How often should I replace my air conditioning filters?

A general rule of thumb is to change your air filters every 3 months, but the frequency that you should replace air conditioning filters with depends on:

  • The types of filters you own
  • The amount of people in your home
  • Whether or not you own animals
  • Local air quality
  • Personal needs (allergy and asthma)

Miranda technicians recommend the following replacement frequencies for the corresponding filter types:

  • Fiberglass filters are the cheapest, but they should be changed monthly
  • Pleated filters should be changed every 6 months
  • If you have pets, or someone in your home with asthma, change your filters every 6 weeks.

Miranda technicians can inspect and replace filters for you regularly, and ensure that your home is free of dust, allergens, dangerous gases, mold, and unnecessary humidity For a complete description of our air conditioner and air quality services, see this page.

What steps can I take to improve my home’s plumbing?

A simple approach to better pipe care includes knowing what not to put down your drains. The following items regularly cause pipes to clog or become damaged:

  • Grease, Oil, Coffee Grounds
  • Food that soaks water in to expand, like pasta or rice
  • Medicine, Paint, Cleaning Products
  • Any product claiming to be flushable
  • Produce stickers
  • Paper products

Food and paper products cause blockages when flushed or washed into your home’s pipe system, while chemicals cause damage through corrosion and environmental pollution. Your pipes are what give you clean drinking water, so take care of them! Good pipe-keeping habits can begin with the simple awareness of recognizing what your pipes do for you, and where your water comes from.

How can I prepare my pipes for wintertime?

Freezing temperatures often result in bursting pipes, leaks, and cracks. When water freezes, it increases in volume, which can bend and crack even the toughest metals. It’s necessary to prepare your pipes for the winter season. Kickstart the winter season proactively, and call a Miranda technician to help secure your home. Here are a few winter tips by Miranda to help keep your pipes healthy year round:

  • Always shut off the main water line when you leave for winter vacations
  • Call a Miranda technician before the first frost hits, and ask about pipe winterization solutions

If you have further questions about pipe winterization or general pipe care, just call a Miranda technician!

How often should I have my drains cleaned?

A biannual drain cleaning is Miranda’s minimal recommendation for regular drain cleaning. If you schedule drain cleaning once in the springtime, and once more just before winter, your drains will run clear year-round. Springtime drain care is important because grease, buildup, and other thick residues are unsolidified, unlike in wintertime.

Miranda technicians are able to blast away gunk and build up from the walls of your drains easier in the spring, and can return to clean them again before the first frost hits. Grease and oils solidify in the wintertime, and clog up your systems. Enjoy a winter season of hassle-free drains with regular maintenance and good home care habits. For a list of our drain cleaning services and descriptions, see this page.

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