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One of the most frustrating experiences a homeowner can have is a clogged drain. Every day things that shouldn’t go down our drains do. This can include grease, hair, debris, toys, sanitary items, paper towels, and more. Unfortunately once a drain is clogged it can render the drain useless until the problem is fixed. A clogged drain can also present health hazards that come from standing water. Miranda Plumbing Services offers drain clog service to make your home pleasant once more.

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What Are The Signs Of A Clogged Drain?

There are several signs of a drain that has become clogged. One of the easiest signs to spot is a drain that will not empty water at all. Other signs of a clogged drain are slow draining water, a toilet that doesn’t flush or is slow to flush, water back up in a tub or shower, a smell coming from the drain and visible debris in the drain.

What Are the Dangers Of A Clogged Drain?

While a clogged drain may seem to be just an inconvenience, there are some dangers associated with a clog. Standing water can pose a drowning hazard for young children. A toilet that does not flush will fester and present fouls smells and bacteria into the air. Debris in a drain is also a breeding ground for fruit flies and other small insects. Standing water also allows mosquitos and other insect to breed.

Why Shouldn’t I Unclog My Drains Myself?

While there are products on the market for a clogged drain, they can be dangerous both to the inhabitants of your home and your pipes. The caustic chemicals that make up commercial drain cleaners can eat away at some pipe materials creating a bigger problem. Most commercial drain cleaners will also not clear clogs in toilet drains.

Another common problem often happens when homeowners plunge their toilets. They plunge so hard it makes a leak in the wax seal between the toilet and the bathroom floor. This allows a little flushed toilet waste to leak under the toilet to stagnate and/or leak onto the floor. A Miranda professional will avoid this problem, and fix it if his inspection finds toilet waste leaking onto your bathroom floor he can give you a quote to repair it quickly on the spot.

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What Will Miranda Plumbing Services Do For My Clogs?

Our highly trained technicians use non-chemical tools to clear your drains. This can include:

  • • Snaking the drain for minor clogs, or
  • • Hydro pressure washing your drains to properly clear more serious, stubborn clogs.
  • • If roots are the problem we have another trenchless -no digging trenches- method to clear and repair.
  • • We have 34 years of experience clearing drains. We know all the best methods, and have the proper equipment.
  • The hydro pressure washing safely removes the entire clog. Just snaking a clog isn’t always enough. It can make a hole in the greasy clog, but leave much of it behind to clog up again. Hydro pressure washing safely cleans out the entire clog. Watch our video using a clear drain tube and a red simulated grease clog to see the difference!
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Our 5-5-5 Guarantee

You can rest easy knowing our highly trained technicians will not leave your home until we are sure the problem is resolved. When we clean your drains we offer you the 5-5-5 guarantee. This guarantee means that if within 5 years, 5 months and 5 days your drains fail, we will come back out at no cost to you. The guarantee gives you more than 1,900 days of protection.

While clearing a drain clog can be a messy and quite unsavory job, our technicians are able to remove the clog without creating a mess in your home. We will leave the area in better shape than it was when we arrived.

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