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Cost of Air Conditioning Repair In Treasure Coast and Palm Beach Areas

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Part of living in the sunshine state is enjoying the wonderful, warm weather all year round! Many residents move here for retirement or to enjoy the beauty of our tropical climate, while business owners are accustomed to tourists and travelers on a regular basis. In fact, much of the revenue of this state comes from out of state guests. Travelers come from near and far - and many are unaccustomed to Florida’s climate. Though some do visit from warmer climates and are accustomed to the heat, there are many who are overwhelmed in peak season by the warm weather. Because of this, after being outside for extended periods of time many people are ready to take a break from the heat and enjoy some nice, cool air conditioning.

But what if your unit shuts down in prime travel season, disappointing customers and turning away business? Or if your family is visiting and they are forced to endure the heat and humidity throughout their stay due to the crashing of your AC unit? If your customers or house guests are let down when they are seeking refuge from the heat, it will negatively impact their stay - and possibly your revenue stream.

If your air conditioner has been acting up, it’s time to ask yourself some questions. Is it time for a new air conditioning unit? What are the alternatives to a full replacement? How much do AC repairs really cost? At Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we want to educate our existing and future clients about how to care for your units to decrease the likelihood of a sudden failure, what options you can look at before considering a new purchase, and what steps to take if you begin noticing problems with your AC. If you’re located in Vero Beach, West Palm Beach, Miami/Dade, or Port St. Lucie areas, Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning is here to help you stay cool all year long!

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Commercial Cooling

Shopping malls, office buildings, and many local businesses are able to thrive in Florida’s beautiful climate. Business owners are constantly occupied by keeping their customers happy and their office running smoothly. When you factor in facility maintenance, operating a business can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, with Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning, you don’t need to sweat your AC repairs. We offer free inspections for HVAC units, roof units, and more! There is no reason to worry about whether you can keep your staff cool or not. Our thorough inspections coupled with routine preventive maintenance will leave confident in your AC unit from year to year and season to season.

Air Conditioning Services

Emergency calls are accepted and treated with care when they are made to Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning, but there is no reason to let your AC unit get to that point. At Miranda, we offer regular inspections and evaluations to our clients, meaning you can catch any small issues before they become full-blown emergencies. If you have routine maintenance done, such as cleanings and inspections to make sure that the system is working properly, you will extend the lifespan of your unit. We are able to detect possible issues even before they are noticeable by the customer, which allows us to fix them before they become a more expensive repair. Moreover, regular cleanings will keep your unit running smoothly and save you money on your electric bills. If your air conditioner is struggling to run for any reason, your energy costs will be raised and you’ll likely end up spending more than you would on maintenance over time.

Repairs vs. Replacements

Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers both repair and replacement options for failing AC units. While people may assume that a malfunction in a unit means it needs to be replaced, this is not always the truth. Why pay for a total replacement sooner than you have to? Use your unit to its fullest potential by having it examined by a seasoned professional who can help you by replacing parts and regularly servicing it. We will do an inspection and evaluation of the system as a whole, then will explain the total cost of the repair and answer any questions our customers might have about their unit’s condition.

Evaluating Your Older AC Unit

While we strive to provide repairs and avoid replacements when possible, sometimes an air conditioner is in such poor condition that replacement is the only option. A replacement could be necessary for multiple reasons. One is age of the unit. How old is your unit? If the answer is more than 15 years old, it could be time for a replacement since 15 years this is the average lifespan of ACs. Old units need to be examined as soon as they begin malfunctioning, as they can be a hazard to your home or business. Improperly working air conditioning units it could overheat and crash, which may result in damage to the area surrounding the unit.

Moreover, older units are far less efficient than newer models. This means they can be financially burdensome, often contributing to an increase in your monthly bills. Your unit has to work harder as it gets older, which means it will require more energy to cool your home as it should. In all likelihood, your bills will gradually increase over time. The amount of money that you could save with a new unit installation, however, would be a noticeable change effective almost immediately after the unit is installed.

Finally, older units are more prone to frequent errors that require recurring fixes. The older the parts get, the more prone they are to breaking down, which means you may be calling a tech to your house multiple times for similar issues.


HVAC units are generally thought of as strictly for commercial properties, but they can be used at residential properties as well. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and is responsible for handling indoor temperature control and improving air quality. The system’s three designated parts each serve a purpose to make the process work. Air is blown in while pushing out the heat, utilizing the ventilation system and enhancing the overall comfort of any building or home.

Home Cooling

Here in Florida, it is well-known that the summer months can be very hot; however, Florida residents and guests are able to enjoy the warmer months by balancing outdoor activities with cooldown time in the air conditioning. If the air conditioning broken or malfunctioning, it can be dangerous for certain loved ones such as elderly family members, children, people with illnesses, and even our pets. To help you keep your home comfortable and safe for the whole family, Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning offers residential services in throughout South Florida. We are able to perform maintenance, repairs, replacements, and inspections quickly and efficiently on your home. No job is too big or small for our technicians to handle and we will be sure to get your family back on the path to coolness as quickly as possible.

What to Do When You Need a New Unit

If your unit has been malfunctioning or breaking down consistently, and repairs only seem to be helping temporarily, you may be in need of a new unit. Though new units can be expensive upfront, they often save you money monthly and can greatly increase your quality of life. Furthermore, there are ways to meet your budgeting needs as well as get the job done effectively. By doing your research and working with a reputable company like Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning, you can be sure they you’re getting the right equipment for your home or office at a price that fits your budget.

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Here are some things to consider when evaluating your buying options for a new AC unit:

Research and Reviews

Conducting research is a great way to start the process of choosing the right air conditioning unit. While you may not know a lot about the intricacies of the system, you will be able to compare brands and versions against each other. This will give you a good ballpark range for what you can expect to spend.

Another benefit of conducting online research is being able to read reviews. Other users’ online reviews of a product that they have personally used and can provide feedback on are invaluable when weighing your options.

Buying In-Person

When buying in-person, you have the ability to examine the equipment and talk to a professional to ask any questions you might have about the unit and its compatibility with your space. That said, with the number of options available to you, buying in-person can feel overwhelming - especially to those who don’t have a lot of experience with air conditioning units. With everything in one place, you may be pressured into making a decision on the spot without doing further research of your own which could ultimately cost you more.

Buying Online

When you opt to buy online, you have a lower-pressure situation than being in-person. Moreover, you can take your time reviewing the specs and features of each unit before you make a decision. You can also compare prices from multiple vendors to ensure you’re getting the unit you need for a fair price. That said, online you are missing the input of a seasoned professional, which is invaluable in making a purchasing decision.

What to Avoid

A purchase of this caliber should be made with confidence. For this reason, the buying process needs to be approached strategically and with care. Here are some things to avoid when considering purchasing an AC unit on your own:

Buying Used from Individuals: Ensuring that you’re buying from a credible source is key to getting equipment that will serve you well. Buying from an individual seller online is a risky for this type of purchase. Many times, the people selling their units don’t know enough about their products to know whether or not it will work well in your home, and its working condition can be hard to determine.

Buying Impulsively: In warm climates like Florida, we often feel it’s critical to replace our units as soon as possible. And while it is good to get your AC up and running sooner than later, purchasing the first unit you see can lead to many problems later down the line. If you don’t take the time to research, you could make a purchase that is more expensive than another unit that could work just as well. You could also choose an air conditioner that isn’t the best fit, leaving you in a situation where your home or business isn’t as comfortable as it could be and requiring another replacement sooner than later.

Opting for Window Units: Don’t assume central air is something you can’t afford. Many people turn to purchasing multiple window units in times of need instead of investing in central air, thinking the costs of getting their unit up and running again will be too high. Each window unit, however, costs hundreds of dollars and they are far less efficient than central air conditioning. The initial investment coupled with the increase in your monthly electric bill could come close to the price of repairing or replacing your existing AC, so it’s important to weigh your options.

Get Some Expert Advice

The best method of choosing the right air conditioning equipment for your home or office is seeking advice from experts in the industry, such as our technicians here at Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning. There are many considerations that inexperienced consumers may not think of when shopping for an AC unit. How often will the system need to be used? How big is the home or facility which the unit will be working to cool down? What are your expectations from the unit? Are there any features you need or could save money by foregoing? With so many factors to consider, making a decision can be difficult on your own. That’s why our experts are here to evaluate your space and make recommendations to save you money and ensure your air conditioner will work for your property.

Miranda Plumbing and Air Conditioning is equipped and ready to help your family or business stay comfortable this summer and throughout the year. Don’t break a sweat worrying about keeping things cool! Give us a call today for your repair, replacement, and maintenance questions. We offer services to Port St. Lucie, Jupiter east Florida, the south coast, and beyond.

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Here is what one of our customers had to say:

"I have contracted A/C service with Miranda since 2011. They are the best in the area with highly-trained technicians. The office staff and technicians are extremely courteous and will answer any and all questions. The actual work has always been 5-Star. This is an extremely competent and honest company. The owner will even call you personally!"
- Doug, Port St. Lucie, FL.

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