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Air Conditioning Guide for Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach Homeowners

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The air conditioner is one of the more important structural components of your home. It is a necessary feature of all homes in South Florida because of the intense temperature and humidity that happens here on a constant basis. As a property owner, you have to make maintaining this system a priority. If you fail to do so, you may find it is difficult for you to keep it working efficiently and repairs can pile up. However, with some basic support here, you may find it is possible for you to keep your system working at its very best.

Here is what one of our customers had to say:

“All Miranda service personnel are professional, courteous, and really know what they are doing. We wouldn’t be using Miranda for the past 34 years if we didn’t feel very confident in the work and company. Norbert and Bruce were here for two different reasons and they were both fine representatives for Miranda and you should be commended for hiring such qualified people.”
- Irene, Fort Pierce, FL.

Minimizing Problems Starts with Maintenance

Every air conditioner repairs routine maintenance. AC maintenance should include several steps for the homeowner to do as well as a licensed technician to handle. Called preventative maintenance, the goal of this process is to minimize the amount of function the system has that is not done as it should be.

There are some things you should do yourself, including checking and cleaning (or replacing) the filters on your air conditioner. This helps ensure air can circulate through the home with ease. You also may need to consider checking the outdoor coils and condensers to make sure there is no buildup of material here and that the coils themselves are not bent.

In every situation, property owners should have a technician out to their home to provide preventative maintenance. This is a higher level of care that is done by a licensed and certified technician. It is best to have our team do this for you at least one time each year, and usually before it gets too hot. Once the demands for the system are in full force, you do not want to be without your air conditioner.

We recommend AC maintenance in Port St. Lucie at least one time every year, but it can be better to do this every six months. We provide a 47 point air conditioner tune-up that ensures that your system is always working at its very best. We also follow all recommendations and requirements from your manufacturer in maintaining your system.

Do you know what goes into maintaining your air conditioner and how to keep it working its best? Let us help you. Read more at .Air Conditioning Guide for Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach Homeowners

Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Guide for Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach Homeowners

As soon as you notice that your air conditioner is not working the way it should call a technician for repairs. AC repair is less extensive and less expensive when we are able to get to it as soon as it beings to show signs of a problem. The longer you wait, on the other hand, the more problematic the process can be.

There are many times when you should call for AC repair. Do not put off calling us if you have any problem including some of these, the most common causes for concern:

  • The system is not running at all. If it does not turn on, it could be related to an electrical problem, such as a breaker or a fuse. If that is not the case, it could mean a significant problem with the condenser or the motor.
  • The system is running, but it is blowing hot air. When this happens, it is often necessary to update the system’s refrigerant. In some cases, this can be a fast process, but the longer you wait, the more likely there will be a significant leak that needs more attention.
  • The system runs on and off and does not seem to operate consistently. This can indicate a problem with your thermostat, or it can be a concern with the overall system’s functionality at a much higher level.
  • Your air conditioner may be working, but your energy bills seem to be rising. When that is occurring, it may be due to many factors, including your thermostat. We can determine what it is and get it fixed for you.

These are just some of the most common causes of air conditioner repair in Jupiter and the surrounding areas. In many cases, it takes a technician to troubleshoot the system to find out what is really occurring and why.

Why should you maintain your system? Here is what we want you to know: The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Air Conditioning Units in South Florida.

Air Conditioner Replacement

It is always a good idea to work to repair your air conditioner when the system can be repaired affordably. There are times when replacing the system with a new one is the better route to take. It is up to you to determine when that is, but when you need AC replacement, there are many benefits to the process.

If it is time to replace your existing system with a new one, you may notice a few significant changes in your system. You may see that a newer system is more efficient. It may run well and also improves overall comfort in the home. In many cases, you may find a new system is also more reliable and less likely to require updates and repairs frequently. We often recommend AC installation of a new system when an existing system is more than 10 years old and needs a significant amount of repair to it. It tends to cost less in the long term.

When the time comes for replacement, there are plenty of options available to you. New system installation can be selected based on a brand or a manufacturer that you prefer. You can also consider the warranty on these models. Some are much longer than others, providing you with years of protection and less hassle. Some property owners will benefit from a new system because it improves the value of the home.

Worried about the cost of a repair? Learn more about what you can expect by reading our guide at The Cost of Air Conditioning Repair in Port St. Lucie, West Palm Beach, and South Florida.

Air Quality Systems

Property owners can often benefit from having a technician look at air quality systems within the home. An energy audit, for example, can determine if the home is not being maintained in the most efficient manner. Updates to your system’s thermostat or other components may work to improve this.

You may also find that it is possible to improve the indoor air quality of your home. If your family suffers from allergies or asthma, this is a critical step in minimizing any type of health problem. Turn to a technician to learn more about the options available to you.

What could go wrong with your air conditioner? Have a look at the Most Common Air Conditioning Problems in South Florida to learn more.

Why Choose Us for Your Air Conditioner Needs?

Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning Services are designed to be the best possible. We offer the services you need when you need them.

  • If your system is not working, do not wait. Let our 24-hour emergency AC repair service help you.
  • Our team is licensed and certified for your peace of mind. You know there is a technician that can help you here.
  • You may even be able to get a discount, such as our 15 percent discount on repairs if you sign up for our maintenance program.
  • You can expect competitive rates as well. Our team is always able to provide you with the rates that you need to get the work done properly.

Most importantly, we stand behind the quality of the work we provide. When you turn to Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning Services, you can rest assured you are getting the very best level of help possible. The key is knowing that the company you call has the experience to help you with your system’s needs.

Maintaining your air conditioner in South Florida is a bit different than other areas. Read more at the Homeowners Guide to AC Repairs in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach.

Manage Your Air Conditioner with Ease

Do not put off getting the AC repairs you need or installing a new, energy-efficient system. Let our professionals come to your location to provide a full consultation and to offer recommendations for you. To learn more about how we can help you, call us today at 833-514-8083.

When you need more help and the best technicians in the area, turn to our team. Read more about how we can help at our AC Services Overview page.

We offer AC Installation, Repair and Maintenance in the following areas:

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Reach Out To A Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning Support Technician

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