When You Need to Fix or Move Your South Florida Home’s House Bib, Call Miranda

Do you have a leaky hose bib? When your hose bib is not functioning properly, it can’t effectively control the water supply flow. Miranda Plumbing & AC offers many outdoor plumbing services, including hose bib repair and replacement. Our licensed, experienced plumbers provide affordable and reliable service to our customers along Florida’s Treasure Coast & the Palm Beaches.

What can you expect when you call Miranda to repair or replace your hose bib?

  • A professional, licensed plumber who arrives on time.
  • A $69 service charge that will be applied to your hose bib repair or installation.
  • A speedy repair or installation – we carry a variety of hose bibs and hose bib replacement parts right on our trucks, so you won’t have to wait.
  • A two year parts and labor guarantee. We confidently stand behind our work!
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If you would like to schedule a service call to have your hose bib repaired or replaced by a licensed, experienced plumber, call Miranda Plumbing & AC at 877-677-2327 or contact us online.
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Why choose Miranda?

Miranda is a family owned business serving Florida’s Treasure Coast & the Palm Beaches since 1981. We take pride in offering integrity, excellence and responsive “Red Carpet Service” to each and every customer. When you choose Miranda repair your hose bib, or for any of your plumbing needs, you can be sure that your plumbing is in capable hands of a licensed professional, and that all work will be completed to your satisfaction.