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Do you have a bathroom plumbing issue? Whether you have a broken faucet that needs a minor repair or you are undertaking a major bathroom renovation, Miranda Plumbing & Air Conditioning will meet all your bathroom plumbing needs. We provide all types of bathroom plumbing repairs and installations for residential and commercial customers along Florida’s Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches.

What types of bathroom plumbing services do we provide?

plumber faucet repair

Leaky faucet? Miranda provides quality faucet repairs for affordable price. We keep many commonly needed faucet repair parts on our truck, so you won’t have to wait. We back our repairs with a two year warranty.

bathroom faucet replacement and repair

If you are updating your bathroom faucets, Miranda provides a quality replacement at an affordable price. Our expert plumbers provide prompt, reliable, “red carpet” installation services.

sink water valve installation

Bathroom Shut Off Valves & Lines

In addition to your toilet, sink, tub, fixtures and drains, shut off valves are an essential part of your bathroom. Miranda installs and repairs shut off valves & lines so you can quickly turn off the water in an emergency.

bathroom sink installation

A new sink can give your bathroom a whole new look. Miranda provides a complete replacement, including removal of your old sink, connecting your faucets, and any sealing necessary for your new sink installation.

pipe drain repair

When you have a significant leak under your bathroom sink, you know you have a problem that only the professional plumbers at Miranda can fix. We provide prompt, reliable bathroom sink drain repair & replacement services.

sink drain repair

A clogged bathroom sink is annoying and inconvenient. Miranda provides same day service to get your drain cleaned quickly. Ask us about our “5-5-5” drain cleaning guarantee!

plumber toilet repair

Our plumbers are experts in toilet repair services. Call us for broken seals, disconnected flushers, or any malfunctioning internal components. We can get your toilet fixed fast at an affordable price.

new toilet installation and replacement

If your toilet is worn or not functioning properly, we will provide a quick, affordable toilet replacement. We install all major brands, and will provide same day service for your convenience.

clogged toilet repair

A clogged toilet is a disruption to your home or workplace! Miranda provides drain cleaning services to remove the clog and get your toilet back in useable condition. Ask us about our “5-5-5” drain cleaning guarantee!

bidet repair

When your bidet is not working properly, Miranda will provide affordable, reliable repair services. We carry many commonly needed parts right on our truck so that you won’t need to wait, and back our repairs with a two year warranty.

bathroom bidet valve repair

Bidet Shut Off Valve

When you need to shut off the water to your bidet fast, you need a shut off valve so you can turn off the water just to the bidet and not the rest of the house. Miranda provides fast, professional bidet shut off valve installation.

bidet valve installation

Miranda’s plumbers are experts in removing all types of clogs. We will get your drains cleaned quickly to get your bidet functioning properly again. Ask about our “5-5-5” drain cleaning guarantee!

Plumbing repair shower head

Shower Heads & Sprays Installation

A new shower head can give you a relaxing, luxurious showering experience! Miranda’s experienced plumbers install all major types and brands of shower heads and sprays.

shower head repair

Shower Head Repair

Is your shower head not working properly? Miranda repairs all major types and brands of shower heads. We are known for our fast, reliable, and affordable repair services.

sink drain repair

When your shower drain is clogged, Miranda provides fast, reliable drain cleaning services. Ask us about our “5-5-5” drain cleaning guarantee!

bathroom remodeling

Whether you are taking on a complete bathroom renovation, or just need to replace a worn out bathtub, Miranda provides reliable, quality installations for all types of bathtubs.

bathroom faucet plumber service

Is your bathtub faucet leaky, loose, or in disrepair? Miranda provides quality bathtub faucet repair services. We carry many faucet repair parts right on our truck to complete your repairs as quickly as possible.

bathtub faucet repair and remodeling

If it’s time to replace your worn or outdated bathtub faucet, Miranda will provide your new faucet installation for an affordable price. Our expert plumbers provide same day service.

sink drain repair

If your tub drains slowly, or won’t drain at all, Miranda will clean your tub drain, remove the clog, and get your tub functioning again. We provide fast, affordable drain cleaning services. Ask us about our “5-5-5” drain cleaning guarantee!

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Why choose Miranda for your bathroom plumbing?

Miranda is a family owned business serving South Florida since 1981. We take pride in offering integrity, excellence and responsive “Red Carpet Service” to each and every customer. When you choose Miranda to provide your bathroom plumbing services, you can be sure that your plumbing is in capable hands of a licensed professional, and that all work will be completed to your satisfaction.